are since 1993

gerhard stadlmann: all guitars, all basses, vocals
gregor fasching: all vocals, all drums, all programming
music, lyrics, recorded, arrange, programmed, produced, mixed, mastered,, webdesign by SUGAR FOR LUCY at LucY-Studios
all rights reserved and used by permission 
all songs published by LucY MusiC

S F L works with apple, cubase, motu, roland, yamaha, toontrack, softtube, tla audio, api, ssl, waves, lexicon akg, beyerdynamic, esp, ibanez, breedlove, roland drums & more awesome stuff

gregor: I want to thank my girl Ulla for the passionately support and also to my dear daughter Lucy for her kind inspirations. Thx to my mom, dad & big brother for my exist & got the possibility to make music in life. Thx to my close friends, feels good to have you! A special thx to my long road and well S F L buddy & friend Gerhard, for spending time with me since more than 23 years week for week! Hope it will always be so!

gerhard: I want to thank my one and only Nisci, my Mom and my Pal Grexi, May the Force be with you!
S F L special thanks to EVA BALAYAN for the GODzilla cover artwork by hand, 
you are really talented and YOU rock... THX much!

And a very special BIG thanks to YOU - THE sugar for lucy FANS ... 
thank you so much for your everlasting support and passion ...
THIS album is dedicated to YOU!
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