! Sugar for Lucy was founed in 1993 ! 

After some releases mind"1996; "
Sugar for Lucy"1997; "egosphere"1999, "enter me"2004, "focus 2007, 
black horizons´gift“2013) and some line up changes, S F L finished 2016 the brandnew hard, true & melodic album called about GODzilla & other razors ! Punch metal guitar riffs, fat bass lines and hard drumming meets a fascinating, ear-catching, melodic & also new rough vocals. Out in stores now!

The S F L - LIVE concept: Live singing and live - guitar works through THE machine and be complemented by bass and drum playbacks and so its been highlighted in their originality and authenticity. The playbacks has been played and recorded by Gerhard and Gregor and subsequently coordinated, refined and designed. This decision is in metal section certainly rather rare!

S F L is influenced by many bands they have balls without copying them ... 
S F L is alternative metal when you need a genre to put them in ...
but check them out by yourself and listen !
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sugarforlucy 2017
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